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Discount Codes & Referral Rewards

 New to Supersports? - Not attended before? 

Holiday Camp Codes

Click here to get your code

Super Saturday Code
Have 50% OFF YOUR FIRST Super Saturday

 Usable once 

Have you Referred a friend?

Amazon draw PLUS get your Guaranteed Referral discount code!

If you refer a friend you will automatically be entered in to our £50.00 amazon voucher draw.

One £50.00 Amazon gift card to win every month!

 Your friend is also eligible to use the 'New to Supersports' discount code above so you are both WINNERS!

Super Sat referral Reward

£7.25 OFF
your next visit

Super Camp Referral Reward

£10.00 OFF
your next camp booking
or £10.00 refund from your current booking

All you have to do is let us know which reward you would like

When your friend books online, they will be asked for a 'referral name' or add their name in 'Notes' when they checkout. Once your friend books - If 'your name' is entered as their referral, you will be rewarded with a referral discount code or refund.

The person who refers a friend must have booked a supersports event themselves or attended a supersports session previously.
- The referred friend must be from a household / family who has not attended any LBMS or Supersports events previously.
- Referral codes can be used subject to availability on any given day.

 Referral codes will be sent to your email.
Codes are only redeemable once - If you refer another family a new code will be sent to you.


 Refer as many families you wish - and receive UNLIMITED referral codes!


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