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Ross Neary

Supersports Lead Specialist - Supersports Founder



My name is Ross Neary, thanks for looking at my bio. I originally played tennis at a high level and I was ranked within the top 100 on the UK Junior tour. This is where my love for sport began. Although I love all sports, tennis is my 'fun place'.  After many years of training and competing I decided I would like to go in to coaching aged 13.  I quickly found out how I could become a coaching assistant and got my first qualification. This is when my passion for teaching began. The second I started, I knew I wanted a carer in Sports coaching.. Now, I have been coaching sports within private sports clubs and schools for almost 15 years.  I started my own company in 2009 with very few contracts and minimal attendees in my sessions. With drive and determination I grew my company quickly and realised I could not do it alone. Now we have multiple professional coaches that deliver a wide range of sports at a super high level.  I have a huge passion for teaching and I am always driving to further my skill set. I believe for everyone to get the most out of exercise you must enjoy every second of it. I want to pass the enthusiasm I have for sport to a younger generation.  My vision demands all activities being conducted in a safe and fun environment, however they must also be informative.  Following my vision enables Supersports coaches to develop children's physical skills, social skills, sportsmanship, and sporting knowledge. I have always worked hard in and out of sport and I will continue to work hard to ensure Supersports can help more children thrive. I believe it doesn't matter how slowly you succeed as long as you find your 'fun place', then success is inevitable.

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