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What do our schools receive
from our physical education support?


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We pride ourselves on being different to other Physical Education suppliers. Unlike other PE suppliers, we only use PE specialists that have a minimum of 5 years teaching experience. Our specialists are fully qualified to deliver the whole PE curriculum. This ensures our tutors have a high level of experience delivering all aspects of the curriculum and years of experience working within a school environment.

All of our Specialist tutors have a high level of knowledge, minimum of 5 years experience, behavioural management skills, fully qualified, first aid trained, child safeguarding certified and are all fully insured.

What's included in our school partnership?


- All schools are supplied a Specialist Physical Education tutor with no less than 5 years teaching experience.

- Initial meeting with your designated specialist prior to their first day, to discuss your school requirements, lesson timings, fire policies/ meeting points etc.


- A Curriculum that is fully aligned with the national curriculum

- A Structured development programme. Plus a timetable with a lesson plan overview for each year group. Ensuring your teachers know exactly what their class are developing with Supersports.

Timetable Example: Click here

- Risk assessments including all Covid-19 adaptations and usual safe practice. 

Example: Click here

- Planned schemes of work aligned with specific school topics and upcoming school sports tournaments.

- We adopt your schools ethos and ensure we reinforce this ethos within our lessons

- Mentorship for your PE lead (if required) & frequent meetings with your PE lead

- Performance and behavioural assessment form for each lesson, Example: Click here

- A FREE annual Physical Education teacher development course supplied by our PE specialists.. The course duration is 2 hours. This is to ensure your school maintains a high level of physical education delivery across all PE lessons. We plan to upskill the whole schools PE with all of our partners.

- End of academic year meeting to give feedback and discuss how we can better the schools PE delivery the following year..

To see our school pricing please click the link below:

Note: These prices are negotiable depending on what, and how many services your school requires

Contact Us Via Phone or email to discuss how we can help your school

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